America Exposed. 

We woke. We been woke. However, the rest of the country seems to just be catching up. Not completely, but there’s always that. 

Being black, I feel like my complaints about the American system are always conspiracy theories. I need to have twice the number of statistics and twice the level of education as my counterpart just to have my argument heard. We’ve known about the corrupt system for a minute but when it only heavily affects a few groups, nobody cares. Always ready to silence us with the red white and blue. The same red white and blue flag flown over slave plantations 150 years ago and the same red white and blue today warning foreign men, women and children of their destruction when their land is invaded. But, what do I know? *sips tea*

In the last month alone, we’ve seen black men brutally murdered by police officers, the death of police officers used as an excuse to declare Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization, FBI agents contact members of the movement with bags of intimidation, large crowds unbelievably supportive of Donald Trump at the RNC (I don’t find it necessary to explain why that’s terrifying…and Hillary scares me just as much), Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama’s speech, the U.S “accidentally” bomb 85 civilians in Syria, and the DNC leaks revealing a crooked party sabatoging Bernie’s campaign and beyond. 

Both political parties are crooked. One outwardly and boldly opposes the progressive freedom of this nation while the other also but sneakily has the protection of white supremacy and structure in mind. This is one America people. We have our good and great moments. Yet the system always leaves the slime of corruption on anything and everything produced. 

It’s terrible. Despite all that though and as ridiculous and unecessary as it may feel, voting is still crucial. It’s not okay that we have to choose the lesser of two evils but it’s what we’re working with. Vote. 


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  1. Askari Ali says:

    Fantastic commentary, AshleyAutumn! I’m voting for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party because I can’t do the lesser of 2 evils with my vote!!


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve actually been thinking about that alternative! I love what she stands for. Thanks for reminding me there are other options out there.


  2. codeinfig says:

    so did you vote for a party that just bombed 85 civilians?

    jill stein wouldve been a great choice. unlike bernie, she didnt sell out to war criminals. (but then im not 100% sure bernie wasnt coerced– stein was still a better choice.)


    1. I did not/do not endorse any candidate. I identify as neither Democrat nor republican.


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