On Heterophobia, Reverse Racism and “The Attack on Christianity”(#HeterosexualPrideDay)

These do not exist. I have found that when a majority (straight people, white people, Christians etc) are not the center of a movement , hashtag, or popularized struggle, they feel intimidated and find the need to come up with some ridiculous and distracting way to bring the spotlight back on their non-threatened people and beliefs.

Heterophobia is a sad attempt to describe the nonexistent persecution of straight people. Funny enough, when I typed the word, that red squiggly line appeared beneath it because the word, just like the concept, does not exist. Straight people are not threatened in our society (or any society to my knowledge). In children’s books, television, entertainment…basically everything…the relationship between a man and a woman is the default. The celebration of this standard union has been going on since the beginning of time. Homosexuality, on the other hand, is society’s “other” despite being around just as long. Here comes the good part. The faint shift in focus from straight to gay in media and entertainment (you know, that one gay friend on the sitcom whose character isn’t just a bundle of stereotypically “gay” lines  or even that ONE popular show with a lot of gays) threw the straight world for a loop.

Increased media coverage of Pride Parades left straight people out. This made them sad 😦 “Why isn’t anyone celebrating me?” they thought. “I know!” the people continued, “We’ll make #HeterosexualPrideDay!1!!1” That, my loved ones, was the millionth birth of insecurity and foolishness.

Reverse racism is not real. A black student, who managed to both survive and excel in an educational system void of any demonstration of black success other than MLK, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X (Malcolm X depending on the school, I mean) during one week of a month this country is trying to destroy…*deep breath* is a miracle on its own. On top of that, that same black student having parents exposed to vital information about the plans and programs created to help make higher education affordable so that they teach their child that attending college is possible, is extraordinary. With all that in mind, I don’t think the slight favor given to black students applying to college is threatening to whites in any way. Being white and not being accepted to your top choice is not the product of reverse racism. Let’s flip the standards and make white celebratory behaviors ghetto, put kinky hair on the heads of the ancient world’s statues and on classic American pin-ups and build a system that favors POC for housing and employment while insisting “we don’t see color.” THEN we can talk reverse racism. Until then, boy bye.

American Christians are straight chillin. They could be, anyway. Life is good and life is safe for Christians in this country. The reason why a lot of them aren’t chillin is because too many feel threaten by Muslims, the rights of gays, transgenders, and women. Somehow, the welcoming and rights of others equals the unwelcoming and infringed rights of themselves.  Although American currency, traditions and politics revolve around the God of Christianity, the country is somehow no longer friendly to the religion.

Bottom line, no one is threatening any of the above. Just because every star student sticker doesn’t just go to you anymore doesn’t mean we can’t all sit criss-cross applesauce together on the American map rug.


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  1. codeinfig says:

    where do you get the idea that just because someone belongs to a statistical majority, they cant be oppressed? you can silence, exploit, hate, murder anyone– the statistics say that overall, that group will come out “on top” — how does that translate to each individual?

    you can hate someone for being straight– but its not really hate if more people are discriminated against for being gay?

    so youre black– imagine if feminists started saying that youre “not REALLY oppressed” if youre a black guy? or if black people said youre REALLY oppressed if youre a white woman? youd probably know how stupid it sounds then.

    so if youre straight, you can still be discriminated against/hated/exploited for being poor, southern, uneducated, orphaned (no wait, orphans have it GREAT!) autistic, retarded, short, ugly, mixed, albino, TALL, chubby, and of course, anyone can malign you for being cis/white/male if they think it will “even the score,” even if youve spent your life being depressed/alone/impoverished– who cares though, right?

    the problem with identity politics is that people always seem to think their group deserves better treatment than other groups– if theyre not arguing to exclude because theyre accustomed to privilege, theyre arguing to exclude because theyre unaccustomed. to the point where a white woman who is a multi-millionaire is telling blue-collar workers theyre too privileged to understand what shes been through. sure, some groups are more oppressed than others– but everybodys human and deserves a voice– if you dont think so, then YOU ARE part of the problem you hate. peace!


    1. Many different people stand in the position to be oppressed. However, not all groups have the power or capital to influence any law or standard to oppress anyone at all. The groups specified in my post do not have the power to oppress the majority. That’s how it has always worked in our society.


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