L.O.C In That Moisture

In my most recent post, I shared one of my favorite methods for retaining moisture that will last for days. Well, the L.O.C method goes hand in hand with pre-pooing. I’ve been pre-pooing for four months and using the L.O.C method for two. In those two months, my 4c hair has reached maximum moisture without feeling oily.

L.O.C stands for liquid, oil, and conditioner/cream. Order matters. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use a water based product or simply water. For a product to be water based the FIRST ingredient must be water. This goes for any moisturizer. Use this to coat your clean hair.
  2. Cover your hair from root to ends using an oil of your liking. I prefer castor oil for lasting moisture. No need to be heavy handed.
  3. For the last time, coat your hair from root to end using a cream or conditioner. When I plan to style my hair, I use a moisturizing curling cream.

The results may seem like magic but there is an explanation as to why this works. The water or water based product hydrates the hair. Despite what most of us heard growing up, water is actually a great moisturizer. Though, most of us have encountered some dry experiences with water. That’s where the oil comes in. The oil seals in the liquid. The final piece is preventing moisture loss. A cream or conditioner closes the hair cuticle, preventing loss of moisture.

Follow these steps and I can promise you’ll see results. Tell me about them!



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