Pre-Pooing Saved My Hair

I have 4c type hair. You know (or maybe you don’t), the drier, kinkier and by far the most underrepresented hair type. Although, the latter is a topic for another time. Don’t take these descriptions as my assessment of the maximum potential of 4c hair. Far from it. Our hair  may take a little more loving, but I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

About reaching that full potential… the PRE-POO helped me get there!

Already said, I have dry hair. My mom would always tell me, “Your hair is as dry as a leaf!” and the day after attempting to revive it with moisture, “Your hair just eats up grease!” Thanks mommy. It was true, as I’ve been reminded of since returning to natural. I’ve been pre-pooing for 4 months and ever since, my hair has been noticeably softer and finally retains moisture! Not oily. Moisturized. Now onto the real question. What is a pre-poo?

Pre-poo is exactly what it sounds like. On second thought, depending on where your head is right now, maybe not. It means “pre-shampoo” and describes the easy process to follow before stepping in the shower to shampoo if you want to retain some moisture.

Pre-shampooing entails adding an oil treatment or conditioner to the hair before shampooing. I personally prefer using an oil. With the harsh chemicals in shampoo stripping the hair of natural oils, adding conditioner/oil before a wash will protect your hair from getting the that dry “squeaky clean” feel. Pre-shampooing also makes hair easier to detangle in the shower which makes styling that much easier. This step combined with the L.O.C method has kept my hair soft, moisturized, and flourishing. Most noticeably, I shed much less hair in the shower.

oil idownload (2)


  1. Choose an oil or conditioner. If using oil, go for a lighter one such as coconut, jojoba, or argan oils.
  2. Section hair
  3. Apply oil or conditioner section by section, making sure to cover from roots to ends
  4. Put a heating or shower cap over the hair for at least 30 minutes
  5. Wash hair as usual!

Give it try! Let me know how it goes.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nomolanga Achieng says:

    Pre-pooing is such a vital step for us naturalistas. It is wonderful when we have the knowledge of how to remedy frustrating hair products because we don’t have science labs figuring out what works for our hair and why. We are doing it ourselves! And then getting back to business.


    1. It’s so true. We naturalistas definitely face some tough problems with our hair but our persistence is amazing. Plus we always come out looking great! Thank you so much for commenting! You made my day

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nomolanga Achieng says:

    Frustrating hair problems*


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