Vote. Vote. Vote. 

1. Your vote DOES count. Politicians wouldn’t work so hard, lie, and change their message for different crowds if your vote didn’t matter.

2. Primaries DO matter. The little guy/gal you like won’t make it to the general election if you don’t vote to get them there. Even if you like the big and popular candidate, they can quickly lose in the race if enough people think, “They’re doing well. I don’t need to vote because everyone else will vote for them anyway.”

3. Failing to vote for your favorite is a vote for the candidate you don’t wanna see move forward.

4. Why complain about politics if you refuse to participate in the process?

5. (Well this is a personal reason) If I fail to vote, I am shaming those who came before me who fought and died to have the right they never would have. The right that I now have because of them. WWYAD. What would your ancestors do?

Just sayin. VOTE


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