Confessions of a Product Junkie

Former product junkie.

Honestly, I don’t think I was all that bad compared to what I’ve seen. At the same time, it was getting pretty bad. I was becoming a product junkie.

Going natural is fun and exciting. There are literally thousands of naturals online telling you about a hundred different products to try a piece. With overwhelming tips, I started to think… LET’S TRY THEM ALL! Then I’ll just filter out what doesn’t work. Right? Nope.

Being natural for a year, I was lucky to find products that worked for me only about six or seven months in. However, at that point I was so excited about my curl pattern and what my hair could really do that I wanted to maximize my results. I learned something new about my hair texture with every product. So, the more products the greater the possibilities.

The real issue was that I didn’t want to filter anything out. If one product worked, I’d keep it. If the new product I’ve been dying to try also worked, I’d keep that too. That’s how they began to pile up and it was hard to let go. On top of that, I found a place that sold all the products I saw in my favorite YouTube tutorials for only two bucks. You can’t beat that.

With an abundance of product in my hair though, I started to notice some changes. My hair started to weigh down and became sticky to the touch. It picked up every dust particle and feather. It started to flake. I had to wash my hair a lot more often which ended up drying it out. Even when it was dry, I couldn’t moisturize it because of the gunk of product already sitting on top.

So I quit cold turkey. Not really. I still have my favorite products BUT I know what works and I stick to it. No need to experiment any longer. I have my favorite leave-in conditioner, oils, detangler, and curling cream. That’s all I need.


Former Product Junkie


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