27 Questions Black Twitter Has for Buzzfeed

After Buzzfeed posted “27 Questions Black People have for Black People,” Twitter caught on almost immediately. Then began the hashtags #BuzzFeedVideoQuestions and #RealBlackPeopleQuestions

The video comes after a series of related videos: “33 Questions White People Have for White People”, “26 Questions Asians Have for White People”, and “24 Questions Black People Have for White People.”

Here are 27 of the many questions Black Twitter has in response to the most recent video…

  1. “Why does Young Metro stand by idly while our communities destroy each other over trust?” –@clintonyates
  2. “Why is hot sauce in your bag? Shouldn’t you be worried about black people having high blood pressure?”– @VikkieNotVicky
  3. “Why are we watching Empire when we should be building one?”– @BienSur_JeTaime
  4. “How can we do the Cupid Shuffle at every family function but can’t shuffle our way to the voting booths?”–@localblactivist
  5. “How can we complain about paper on our now&laters but not address black on black crime?”– @VictorPopeJr
  6. “Do you realize how many racists are going to be spreading your video as justification for their racism?”–@rasmansa
  7. “If trigger fingers can turn to twitter fingers, why can’t black people get jobs?”–@MichellCClark
  8. “Why you always lyin?”– @ReaganGomez
  9. “Are you tenderheaded?”– @MsPackyetti
  10. “How do ya’ll listen to The Life of Pablo but forget about The Life of Jesus?”– @coarseprincesa
  11. “Why did we all tune in for Kobe’s game last night but ignore Obama’s State of the Union?”–@RockB_LOOP
  12. “Why does desiigner only have broads in atlanta? Doesn’t he care about broads everywhere else?”– @CRASHprez
  13. “Why wasn’t one of Jay Z’s problems illiteracy in the black community?”–@TheShaunNavarro
  14. “How can we expect Kobe to pass when he didn’t even graduate from college?”–@lewisalex10″
  15. “Why do black people STILL wear conrows if we are no longer in the field? –@jirodington”
  16. “Why do black people love future but never plan for theirs?”– @CheesusSlice
  17. “Why are black people patting down their hair instead of patting down their sons 2 make sure they’re not carrying guns?”– @Combat_Jack
  18. “Why do ya’ll have money for Beyonce tickets and not college tuition?– @GracingTheWorld
  19. “Why ya’ll running through the 6 with ur woes, but not running for office?”–@heycheyennehey
  20. “Do you love me like a fat kid loves cake?”–@DrTGIF
  21. “If you want McDonald’s but don’t have McDonald’s money, how can you ever uplift the black community?”– @udeebee
  22. “Was Annie ever okay?”– @iTrap4TheHokage
  23. “Who made the potato salad?”– @T1theinfamous
  24. “Does Young Metro trust these questions?”– @bahuhja
  25. “Why do we care about blac chyna and rob instead of our education?”–@hansonline
  26. “How emotionally scarred are you from that Aunt Viv switch”– @macolon2
  27. “Does BuzzFeed know they missed April Fools by about two weeks with this video?”–@ChrisWiltz






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