Shea Moisture: Welcome to the Beauty Aisle

shea“There is a section called ethnic and there is an aisle called beauty…is ethnic not beautiful?” asks one woman in Shea Moisture’s first TV commercial which debuted during the 10th anniversary special of Black Girls Rock!.

For years, I found everything I thought I needed for my hair in the beauty aisle. In the large section, there were jars and bottles with faces on them that didn’t look like mine advertising hair that I didn’t have. I didn’t even notice there was an ethnic section. If I did, I wouldn’t have been interested because these products weren’t as good, I thought. Never seeing natural hair products advertised on TV, I thought of them as…well I didn’t think of them at all. Now, I’m a natural. Nowadays (just like the women in the Shea Moisture commercial) I find myself walking straight to the tiniest section of the beauty aisle to try to find products that work for me.

Shea Moisture’s #BREAKTHEWALLS initiative dares to integrate the beauty aisle. The commercial features members of the Shea Moisture community and brand influencers. They speak on how it feels to be sent to the secluded section of the beauty aisle and its unfortunate general acceptance. With moving words, images, and acting, the commercial effectively continues the conversation and fight for equality and representation.

“We’re Shea Moisture, and now we can be found in the beauty aisle, where we all belong.”



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