Natural Hair Care Basics

All naturals are different. No matter how identical we swear our hair is to out favorite blogger or YouTuber, we find out how wrong we may be after following a “simple” tutorial that goes horribly wrong. So what do I advise? Get to know your hair! Keep these in mind:

  • WHAT is my hair type?  Hair typing is not everything, but is important in understanding your hair texture, learning what it needs, and building a hair regimen catering to those needs . Check out this most basic chart to single out your hair type. If you want to go into more depth watch the (older but helpful) video here maxresdefault
  • WHAT is my hair porosity?  Porosity simply refers to how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. High Porosity hair has trouble holding onto moisture. Avoid harsh shampoos that will further strip your hair of natural oils. Try to use heavier creams and oils to seal in moisture. Low Porosity hair is difficult to moisturize and often products “sit” on the hair rather than penetrating the shaft. Add a light oil to your regimen and don’t shy away from water-based products! Medium Porosity hair is luckily right in the middle. These naturals have little trouble moisturizing and holding onto that moisture. Use these tips to guide your search for products that work for you.
  • ACHIEVE my maximum potential with every style. Keep your hair healthy! You’ll be amazed at what healthy hair can do…

CLIP THOSE SPLIT ENDS!! Split ends are damaged ends and need to go. Unfortunately, contrary to what many say, snipping your ends will not make your hair grow. No method or product can make your hair grow. However, snipping split ends and keeping up with
hair health will assist in retaining length.

TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT SHED HAIRS! There is a difference between shedding and breakage. Knowing the difference can be a life changer. Shedding is perfectly normal and is to be expected. Beware of excessive shedding. That can only be determined by you. As you continue your hair journey, you will see what is and isn’t normal. Excessive for one may be normal for another. How do you know if it’s shedding or breakage? If your shed hairs are the approximate length  of the rest of your hair, it’s just shedding. If the hairs coming out are greatly shorter in length, you are experiencing damage.

While keeping this all in mind, hair care will become much easier (promise).


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